SLA on Asterisk 1.4.1 with freepbx config

Hi all,

Finally Asterisk now supports SLA fully. Have anyone successfully implemented it using freepbx yet?, as we wait for its configuration (for Trunk and Station) to be included as a mudule in version 2.3 soonest.

What I want to achieve is this;

  1. On my GXP2000 speed dial buttons (7 right keys), I want to be able to assign a trunk line (Zap or IP) to any of this keys so that when this line is busy or in use, the button can flash.

  2. With 1 above, I can also tap this button so I can pick up the call when my operator is not picking up, or went for lunch or closed for the day.

I have been reading /doc/sla.txt and /config/sla.txt for some time now, but it not so clear on how to implement this using freepbx.

Any hint or a working example on how to implement this or go about this for the time being when version 2.3 will be out?

Cheers to all.

If and when you get it working let us know. I don’t have the balls to try figure this out myself.

I don’t EVER want to be the first person to try any of this. Quite happy to follow someone elses lead though :wink:

I as well would love to see SLA configuration be able to take place within FreePBX. Is there any success stories, or advances with SLA in Asterisk 1.4 that anyone knows of?

Reports of people successfully using this are still scarce so I would say it’s still a no go.