Skype Connect, Skype and Bria Stretto

I have a client that deployed Microsoft Skype for Business in their company, and they have a FreePBX phone system.

We are wondering what the best way is to integrate Skype for Business with FreePBX. I’ve noticed Skype Connect but not sure if there are major limitations to it.

I’ve tested Bria Stretto for voice calls, and xmpp and those features work great, but not sure if the other features like screen sharing addon , or video conferencing is any good in comparison to Skype. Another thing is the integration for Bria with Outlook is not very good, and for Microsoft Dynamics is not existent yet.

Can anyone provide any pros and cons to using Skype Connect and Skype, vs Bria Stretto?

did you ever figure this out. we are seeing more of this and need to figure out how to best include skype for business