SIPTAPI, Windows 10, Outlook 2016

Hi PBX gurus!

been asked to get click-to-dial working through outlook on our in-house FreePBX and having a little trouble.

I’ve pub SIPTAPI onto my machine as a test by copying the relevant .tsp file into my system32 folder. Entered my extension details into it and seems to be fine. however!

When I click on my directors contact (internal extension) it dials my desk phone as expected, but when I pick up it does not then dial the destination. Any thoughts or alternatives?

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Well, i have a more strange problem
installed it, seems to be 100% fine
didnt use it for like 5 days, in the meantime i had to do 2 Windows Updates … now i cant make it work anymore!!
if i install it on different machines with differen extension, it works fine… dunno what to do.

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