Sipstation trunks DTMF failing

We are using Sipstation and Vitelity for trunks. We have Comcast Business Cable. We are using Elastix with freePBX

Vitelity Trunks are working fine.

System has been active for over a year. We had problems in January this year with DTMF with Sipstation Trunks. That was fixed with some work by Philippe Lindheimer.

Sipstation support is of little help.

Now all of a sudden out of the blue, DTMF is not working again with the symptoms a little different. IVR does not work and this verified by Sipstation support. They want a packet capture in front of the WAN, but give no information on how to accomplish that and all my searching on the web does not provide any ideas as well.

Along with IVR not working it is not possible for an outside caller to leave a voice mail. What I have done is, have the inbound routes go to a ring group to all users and if no one answers they get a message to call our 1 800 number which is on our Vitelity Trunk and has no problem.

Confernce call DTMF has never worked with the Sipstation trunks

If I can not get this resolved I will need to port my numbers over to Vitelity.

This is an active system and has had no changes to it or the network.

Thanks for any help


I am experiencing the same problem with SipStation trunks.

Kerinid, the original post is two years old, so most likely not the same problem. SIPStation has recently been purchased by Schmooze, if you have not already you can view the SIPStation WIKI here: ,and/or submit a support ticket at .