SIPStation trial not working

(Lcs226) #1

Trying SIPSTATION free trial to demonstrate for customer but cannot make or accept call. Email said that it was setup automatically in my freePBX. Not sure how to check what setting might be wrong. Any Ideas

(P Ramarajan) #2

Hi @lcs226 Could you check the SIP station trunk status and see it is registered or not?

Navigate to connectivity===>Sipstation to see the sipstation status.

(Lcs226) #3

It would appear not. It says Asterisk registration status - request sent
The current trunks are utilizing chan_sip and connecting to & over port Unknown using an RTP range of 10000-20000

(Kapil Gupta) #4

Are you sure your firewalls are not blocking “registration” request ?

(P Ramarajan) #5

Hi @lcs226 The registration status is “request sent” which means no response from the SIP station server. Looks like your IP is banned so I request you to open the support ticket to get unbanned.

(Lcs226) #6

Not sure if firewall is blocking request. I get the same results with the firewall enabled or disabled!

(Kapil Gupta) #7

Hi @lcs226 okay after disabling fireware, did you tried ‘fwconsole restart’ ? if even after that not working then raise support ticket as mentioned by @pramarajan in previous comment.


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