Sipstation SMS - Does it have to be 1-to-1 on DID's to Channels for SMS?

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Ok - here is the scenario - I have a box with 10 Sangoma Connect users - they all want SMS, so I would need to port 10 numbers to Sipstation to have them all be SMS-Enabled all the way through?

But they are never going to be using anywhere close to that many lines for Voice - they would top out at 2-3 simultaneous at most.

So can I purchase three channels of Sipstation with 10 DID’s and SMS for all 10 DID’s?

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You might want to talk to a Sangoma sales rep, you might be able to get a better solution with VI (which is now part of Sangoma)

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I was hoping one would weigh in - I guess I will make a call.

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For SIPStation usage, the number of DIDs is independent of the number of concurrent channels. You are free to order as many or as few of each.


Calling :grinning:

(Greg Snover) #6

Had a good talk with Ryan! I understand now - for this post in case anyone else finds it, yes you can have multiple DID’s associated to an arbitrary number of channels - so you can have a SipStation trunk with 3 channels and 10 DID’s all pushing SMS to 10 different users.


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