SipStation problems very frustrating

Does anyone know how to get Sipstation to respond to emails. We have sent 6 emails and they are not responding. it has been 14 days since they last responded.

The issue is that their trunk is not sending DTMf signalling and there for no menus work in any way.

All Sipstation numbers can be answered directly but menus do not work. We have another trunk with Vitelity and it has no problems.

This situation happen over a year ago and they did something at sipstation at the request of one of the forum moderators here. It magically started working and stayed working until December.

The situation started again just before Christmas. We sent 2 captures before our firewall and router, one from a call on a Vitelity number which worked and one from a SipStation number and it failed. The only difference we can see is that Sipstation has no SDP signal captured while Vitelity does.

I started using Sipstation partly due to FreePBX recommendation. I ported specific numbers over to SipStation and I want to port them to Vitelity, but there is no one to contact or talk to, or even email at SipStation.

Any help would be appreciated.