SIPStation Free Trial NOW OPEN! No credit card, no obligation!

The FreePBX community has been asking for the ability to ‘try before you buy’ our SIPStation Service for years, to that end, we have launched a Free Trial service allowing you to test our popular SIPStation service. You won’t need to give us a credit card and if you are in the US lower 48 states or Canada you can get started immediately as your trial service is provisioned instantly! (Canadians will currently need to select a US DID for the trial, however Canadian DIDs are available on our regular plans.)

In just a few clicks we can have you up and running with your PBX connected to our world class phone service. You just pick a phone number and we’ll do the rest! There is no cost or obligation and you’ll see just how easy it is to connect your new PBX to our award winning SIP Phone Service. There’s no risk and after evaluation you can convert your account to a normal account or end the trial and go your own direction.

You will need to be running FreePBX 12 and the latest version of the SIPStation module. Don’t worry, the process is easy and everything is handled directly within the FreePBX GUI. I’ve listed the steps below:

Steps to enable the SIPStation Free Trial Service.

Navigate to Module Admin on your PBX

Click the Check Online Button

Scroll down to the SIPStation Module in the Connectivity Section, make certain you are on the latest SIPStation module, if you are not click on the download and upgrade button.

Then Click on the Process button

Confirm the upgrade to at least version

After the install hit the Button

Next in your PBX GUI Navigate to the SIPStation Module Connectivity>SIPSTATION

Then follow the on screen steps to sign up for a Free Trial account.

STEP 1 You can use your existing Portal Registration, or create a new one.

STEP 2 Choose a DID

STEP 3 Finish

After you finish the system will automatically configure your PBX with your SIPStation Free Trial. Once configured you can use the module to change the destination of your Free Trial DID

SIPStation Service is a mature, well established service with thousands of customers using it in their businesses every day. Our Free Trial offer is new and thus the process of Free Trials is Beta. If you encounter any issues signing up or in the initial usage of our Free Trial service, please report your issues here as we are very interested in getting our Free Trial process to be as seamless and smooth as our established customers have found with SIPStation!