SIPStation Down?

Does anyone use SIPStation and, if so, is it up for them? I’m trying to get around a faxing issue with our main PBX by using FreePBX for HR to be able to receive faxes at. However, inbound calling isn’t working in FreePBX and SIPStation page under Connectivity shows this:

I rebooted the server and still nothing. I should add that we still pay for SIPStation, just got a receipt yesterday from them for our monthly dues.

Just trying to get a quick workaround, was hoping this would work. Only a week and a half of school left where I am, so hopefully our main PBX support gets fax working again for that and I won’t have to worry about using FreePBX right now.

I’m not a SIPStation user, but based on history, it’s likely that the problem is just with the admin interface, not the trunking service. Are your trunks registered? If routed to a voice extension, can you receive calls?

Unrelated to FreePBX or SIPStation, you can get a temporary fax service in a few minutes from various companies, costing no more than $10.

For example, the Lite plan at

or, get a regular DID from and route it with a “call treatment” to fax.

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Thanks! It is registered, so you are probably right that it’s just the admin interface that is down.

I will say that I realized I was trying to fax to old DIDs that we have also. I set the recipient for one of the actual good DIDs and it was successful.

Sometime down the road if we get back to moving to FreePBX (on hold due to levy failures last year and budget concerns), we’ll probably use our current carrier Ziply for our SIP trunking.

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