Sipstation customer offline

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My customer has been offline for the past 6+ hours. We had setup a failover phone service provider but that is not currently happening. My customer’s phone are just dead… There is no way for us to failover or forward to anywhere else.

This is only affecting our most recent client that signed up with Sipstation. They are ready to jump ship if things are not working soon :frowning: . Is there a reason that not even our basic failover DID is working?

(Edrick Smith) #2

See this topic;

Sadly sangoma doesn’t seem to think this is a big issue and has provided no real response, ETA, notifications or anything other than the typical useless status page.


Well this is pretty terrible… I have several customers on sipstation and this does not build confidence :frowning:

(Edrick Smith) #4

With any luck they’ll have it resolved tomorrow. Hopefully in the future we’ll have a better or more transparent update

(Nenad Corbic) #5

Hi @edricksmith we are taking it extremely seriously.
The network and systems teams are hard at work getting it resolved.

Notifications are posted at:

(Nenad Corbic) #6

The actual sipstation trunking voice service has been restored for the subset of customers affected.
Inbound and outbound calls should be working.
@incognito @edricksmith let us know if you see otherwise.

Fax and SMS services are still affected by the outage.

(Edrick Smith) #7

I have to disagree if you were there would be actual notifications, you may be taking it seriously on the backend and I understand you guys are swamped and hard at work.

But some nondescript status page that provides no actual information to end users isn’t helping. As mentioned I called at 12pm was told sorry nothing we can do, we can’t get ahold of anyone. No way to contact support, we don’t know the issue and the only way to get through to someone on phone support is if you submit a ticket with the support portal that’s also down.

You made no announcement on the forums, no announcement on sangomas main page, no announcement when you call in.

Instead you just updated some backend status page that provides us with no ETA or actual useful information to provide to our end users. Instead system admins, resellers, partners whoever we are get stuck footing the cost of endless hours of downtime because we can’t get or provide actual information to our clients.

This wouldn’t be an acceptable response if you guys were Cisco or Avaya which is exactly the market you guys advertise as competing against and want us to convince our clients to switch from.

Again I appreciate you guys are working on it, but I’m providing feedback as how it feels as both and end user and someone who’s suppose to be selling your product.

Because my ear has been getting chewed out all day as it sounds some other users here have also been having that same issue from their clients.

It’s really disappointing because we had two call center quotes that we were looking at for customers last month with the PBXAct cloud and rental desk phones. This outage would have been disastrous for them and us especially since it seems with the sipstation to be affecting recent order clients.

So now I have to say sadly I’m glad they didn’t move forward on it yet…

(Nenad Corbic) #8

hi @edricksmith I hear you.
We will review what and how this outage happened in great detail and do better.

(Edrick Smith) #9

Great thank you and I hope you guys get the chance to sleep soon and call it resolved