SIPSTATION Contact IP and Network IP Mismatch

Hello everybody, I’m having an issue with SIPSTATION that just popped up out of the blue. We upgraded to FreePBX Distro about a week ago, and after getting everything smoothed out everything was gooing great. Then our ISP did scheduled maintenance on their network one night and took us offline for over an hour. Upon the completion of their work and us regaining our internet access, FreePBX SIPSTATION would no longer register to either trunk, and the Contact IP and Network IP don’t match. Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

-Checked NAT Settings
-Placed PBX in DMZ
-Disabled Firewall
-Verified Port Forwarding Settings
-Verified access to the PBX from the WAN on port 5060
-Verified RTP ports open
-Disabled DHCP Option 15 DNS Domain Name
-Disabled SIP Passthrough and reverted

-Verified NAT Settings
-Checked DNS and IP Settings
-Checked Network Config in Asterisk SIP Settings
-Checked Firewall
-Disabled Firewall and Reverted
-Rebooted (Like 3 or 4 times)
-Uninstalled and reinstalled SIPSTATION Module
-Removed key and trunks and then applied SIPSTATION key and created trunks
-Changed default port for SIP UDP to 5061 for testing and reverted to 5060

Right now SIPSTATION is saying registered, but Contact and Network IPs are highlighted red and do not match and calls to or from PBX fail. So my question is: Where does the SIPSTATION module get the Contact IP from and where does the Network IP come from? Network IP is correct, but somehow the contact IP is using the loopback address If I understand where the SIPSTATION module is getting this information from, I will be able to better troubleshoot my issue.

Thanks for your help!

It gets it from what you report to us. If it’s not correct then most likely your SIP NAT settings have the wrong external IP.

Thanks Tony, I will check everything again. I must have missed something.

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