SipStation Call Audio dropping incoming and outgoing calls

I have been following the DDOS attack and read that SipStation uses them as their upstream carrier which is why I didnt open a ticket when issues started last week into this week.

I now see both and says Operational and no longer says degraded so I just opened a ticket in my portal this morning.

My client is reporting incoming and outgoing calls, audio goes in and out. Can be talking for 20-30 seconds then audio drops, then it comes back after 15-20 seconds and this happens over and over throughout the call. This started last week and continued into this week in conjunction with the reported Bandwidth DDOS attack.

Anyone else experiencing this issue with SipStation trunks??

The attackers wait for business hours. No need to pay for the resources to attack when no one cares.

I have noticed that. But with Bandwidth and Sipstation both stating they are back to fully operational, at least on their status pages, I wanted to see if anyone else was having audio issues with Sipstation…

Support said they were checking with their upstream carrier and asked for a PCAP which I ran.

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