SIPStation Busy Signal on Outbound Calls

Hello! SIPStation support tried to help me with this all day. At the end of the day they told me they couldn’t help me any more as the trunk was registering. Before I pay for support time, I thought I’d ask here: I started the SIPStation trial two days ago. I can receive calls on the new DID all the time. I cannot call out. When I add the SIP trunk to my default outbound route, I am greeted with a busy signal. I am trying to call my cell phone, so I know it isn’t busy. It worked fine two days ago, and has worked intermittently today. The status page on the SIPStation Connectivity screen shows green. I completely disabled the firewall on my router and I still can’t dial out. Has anyone had this happen? How do you get it to work correctly? Even if you could point me in the right direction (port number, whitelist IP address, anything), I would really appreciate your help. I don’t have the Extension Routing Module installed.

Thank you!

logs!! no logs, just guesses :slight_smile:

As it turns out, if I dial my area code, the call goes through just fine. I have updated my outbound routes to prepend the area code when the team dials locally. Would not have thought about it had I not looked at my phone number in the logs. Thank you for saving me again, @dicko

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Most all VSP’s are not “Area Code Prescient” of your locale, always use 10 or 11 digit dialing.

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Thanks for adding that. We will make it happen!

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