Sipstation Beta

Sipstation Firewall check not working correctly. Prior to the upgrade, it used to work, now all I get is the following..



No Free Ports in Asterisk RTP Port Range available for testing, you can try later</quote>

Seems to be working for me, you can open a ticket at and see if you can provide additional information about your environment for the developers to replicate.

Sure, I can do that… it used to work as I said, even with the new update it is still like it. Apart from that, my system is working great!

Unable to submit a report, it would seem this module is not in the list of items to report on. :frowning:

Just an update on this, it can’t be my firewall as it fails instantly. As soon as I click the test firewall option, seeing as nothing has changed but this module, I am led to believe the module has an issue with my FBX version.

That shouldn’t stop you from reporting. Just don’t put anything into components