Sipstation abandons users

Based on recommendation of this site I purchased and have been using SIPSTATION for some time. They used to respond to emails for support requests in less than an hour, then it went to four. Now they tell you they have until the next business day to respond.

This amounts to uncommunicated abandonment of their customers, and forces you to move to if you want to keep your number, where the rates are higher of course.

I hope I the only one in this position, but if I’m not we should collectively voice our displeasure. Since I am sight impaired email support is sub-optimal, and they make no accomodattion for this in their support policy - a clear violation of the Americnas with Disabilities Act.

This is very sad if accurate.

With regard to ADA web site compliance. Surely any socially conscious business wants to make accommodations to provide services to visually impaired, it’s good business.

It is completely inaccurate to state that not providing support for the visually impaired is a violation of the ADA. Section 508 of the ADA is only applicable to public entities. Further no court to date has issued a ruling to establish case law that would would establish web sites as “public accomodations” under the governance of the ADA.

It is accurate - why would presume I would post something falacious.

Section 508 is only applicable to government agencies. The term ADA compliant does not necessarily refer to the Section 508.

There are other provisions of the act that are applicable to utilities, and the CFR contains the acts provisions with respect to standards for accessibility in information technology. One can be compliant with the accessibility standards out of concern for the general public and undertake the accommodation of those with disabilities without a statutory obligation. Hence in the industry we use the term ADA compliant to refer to accessibility standards not just 504 or 508.

The courts interpret the statutes if criminal cases are made or in civil actions. The enforcement agencies are both state and local.

I am able to report that the migration to the higher priced service was completed on an accelerated basis since the sales representative took pitty on my being without phone service for a whole day, and not getting an response from SIPSTATION.