Sipstation / 2 ISP for failover

I have a client who have two Pbxact UC 100 with HA, he have sonicwall with two internet service providers and yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy i have tried to use ddns under advance sip settings no audio. When I failover i have to login to Pbxact—>advance sip setting detect external address for the audio to work my question is how i can do this automatically if ti can be done or if is there any solution to make this work

Thank you.

I am confused. PBXact HA uses a floating IP address so why would the IP change. Also in HA only 1 box is active are a time. Maybe explain the setup more but if in HA the NAT settings are replicated and no way around that so they have to use the same external IP and NAT settings.

Hi Tony,
This for if i loos first ISP my external ip changes and sipstation trunk registers to new ipaddress but no audio till i hit detect external address under advance sip setings

Ok. The DDNS in the SIP Settings module works but you have to use a FQDN that will update anytime your IP changes. This is not a SIPStation requirement but Asterisk needs to know your network setup to handle NAT and why you are getting 1 way audio. When the IP changes something needs to update your FQDN right away.

Thank you Tony,
Is the ddns uder sysadmin would work and where do i set this up under advance sip settings or under chan_Sip Dynamic

Thank you

It won’t work instantly since it only checks every 15 mins at best for a new IP and than pushes the changes to us but we only update root servers every 15 mins so it could be upto 30 mins before DNS servers are updated. You need to use some DDNS service your router can update immediately on failover.

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