Sipsettings.class.php error on reload

After the upgrade everything worked okay but today I tried to reload configuration with fwconsole reload and got this output:

fwconsole reload

Reload Started

In Sipsettings.class.php line 433:

json_decode() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given

reload [–json] [–dry-run] [–skip-registry-checks] [–dont-reload-asterisk]

I did not modified anything there and line 433 states:

$pjsip_identifers_order = json_decode($pjsip_identifers_json, true);

Please make sure you are on latest edge release of framework and sipsettings.

Issue should already be fixed

Upgrade SIP Settings to edge with:

fwconsole ma upgrade sipsettings --edge
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