Sipsettings broken

upgraded to 16 a week ago
checked for updates, there were 3 modules
sipsettings is now broken, other 2 were fine
try to install again

Installing sipsettings
Error(s) installing sipsettings:

  • Module is broken and cannot be installed. You should try to download it again.

Updating Hooks…Done

I’m not seeing this, does downloading it again fix?

fwconsole ma downloadinstall sipsettings --force
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yes, that appears to have fixed it - thanks!

i had to do the same with the fax module - maybe something to do with my mirror settings?
i had a lot of trouble upgrading from 15->16

Honestly probably not. More likely something weird with the network somewhere at the time. This just means certain files were corrupt so bad download. The fact that a redownload fixed it means your settings are probably ok.

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