i have a freepbx server i want to have how to use sipp to have total number of simultaneous calls can support my pbx server.

My favorite part of this post is “made this topic public 15 hours ago” which translates to “you guys handle this…:slight_smile:

So here we go: There are too many variables to give you a straight, simple answer. A lot depends on a lot of other things. For example:

  • how are you going to connect this to the Internet?
  • how many phones are you planning on using?
  • you know that the standard SD card will fail after a couple of months because of rewrite limits on the card?
  • are you using this for just local calling (within your office) or do you want to use it for outside (of your office) calling?
  • are the calls all inbound, all outbound, or a mix?
  • how fast is your network?

Personally (call it an unfounded bias), I wouldn’t run anything (let alone a mission critical PBX) on a RasPi. If you want or need to do this, I wouldn’t expect more than a handful of phones or a half dozen calls to work reliably. I’m sure you can get dozens of calls to work on it, but the Pi was developed for kids to learn how to program…

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