Sipgate (UK) Configuration for FreePBX v2.7 / 2.8

Hey gang,

I’m new to FreePBX so excuse the simple query. I’ve just subscribed for a DID/DDI with, which offers limited support for Asterisk-based solutions. Sipgate’s only suggestion thus far for configuration requires editing files FreePBX advises not to (e.g. sip.conf).

Does anyone know how to set the configs using the GUI? It may seem elementary for experienced users but to a newbie it’s a challenge.

Thanks in advance.

PS: I’m using AsteriskNOW 1.7.1 with FreePBX 2.8 on CentOS 5.5 using VirtualBox 3.2.10 with Windows Vista hosting the VM.

i’ve got sipgate working with almost an identical setup to you. my settings are as follows:

go to setup, then trunks. create a new sip trunk.

name it what you like, mine’s called sipgate.

clear everything out of the outgoing dial rules box.

put the following in the peer details box. these work for me, they may need tweaking with your setup:

username=your sipgate username ie 12345678
secret=your sipgate password ie X4NB8GH
fromuser=your sipgate username ie 12345678
authuser=your sipgate username ie 12345678

leave incoming settings blank.

put the following as your register string:

username:[email protected]/username

submit and apply the changes.

go to inbound routes, create a new route.

put your DID number in the DID number field.
tick the signal ringing box
set the destination to what you want. mine go to time conditions, but you probably want either an extension or a ring group.

submit and apply changes again.

in outbound routes create a new route.
name the route something like sipgate_out
set the dial pattern to what you want. my phone system is set for you to dial 9 for calls to go out, you can remove this is you want.

basically you need to tell asterisk that for any calls starting with 01, 02, 08 and 07 (landline, non-geo and mobile), send them via the sipgate trunk. you can set this to what you wish, if you want a hand with the dial plan let me know, but this is mine:


9| means check for a 9 at the start but dont send it to sipgate.

  1. means anything that starts with 07

submit and apply changes.

now try making some calls in and out :slight_smile:

I am a totally new. I am form UK and i got Freepbx in USA do i need to put 011 at the begaining? what will be the international dial pattern? My trunk provider is asking to send call in E164 format and add extra prefix. I am using FreePBX 2.8 How do i set my dial pattern?