Sipgate Trunk Outbound


I found instructions for a Sipgate trunk here.
Unfortunately I can’t post the link. That is under team help with sipgate if one searches for trunk freepbx.

From here I don’t understand it anymore.
What do I enter here:

Outbound Routes → Dial Patterns:
Simplest Dial Pattern - using X. will send all dialed digits to sipgate:

I can’t find that menu item either. Where is that supposed to be?
The phone numbers the Trunk will receive incoming calls with can be chosen in your sipgate account Settings:

  • Under the Trunking tab click on the trunk.
  • On the right hand side of the trunk’s settings click Assign Phone Number to add a single number.
  • Choose +Phone Number Block to add a block of three or ten numbers.

They look to be a standard From: user and password authenticated provider, so you should set them up using PJSIP, as chan_sip is going away, using the basic settings for a provider, with from user forced to the account number. Their chan_sip configuration is also faulty, containing options that aren’t used, settings that do nothing but marginally reduce security (insecure=port), and obsolete names for options. They have almost certain copied an adapted it from somewhere else, without validating it against first principles.

The outbound routing settings are described in:

although I think this is slightly out of date.

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