Sip video problem

I am having a problem with my sip video.
When I enable video in sip settings I can no longer make outbound calls on my sip trunk. It appears they are blocked by my service provider.
But I only want to make internal sip video calls between some video intercoms and videophones I don’t want to make outbound video calls.
I get the message your call cannot be completed.
I’m really lost as to why this happens but I have read it might be some problem with codecs ?
Where would I start to find the problem?
With video disabled I have no problems with sip trunks and can use audio only on the inrercoms.

Working without a net here, but I would think that you should be able to eliminate video in the trunk definition. Not sure how, and it may require something special in a “*_custom.conf” file somewhere.

Another possibility would be to set up the phones to use an “unsupported” codec for local video calls (something other than ulaw) and then “disallow” that codec from your outgoing trunk settings. I don’t know how you’d tell the phones that “ulaw video is disabled, but this other one isn’t”, but it might be something to start with.

Set “videosupport=no” in your trunk definition and it should not try to negotiate video with your provider.

Thanks for your help
The videosupport=no seems to be working.
I still have a problem with my video intercoms. When the video intercom calls the extension there is no audio and the call is dropped shortly after answering. But when making a call from the phones to the intercom there is no problems with the audio.
I will have another look at the codecs to make sure
Thanks again

Seems like Firewall issues. If the call is dropped shortly (about 30 secs) then you are not getting any RTP data and Asterisk is dropping the call. Have you tried replacing your Intercom with voice only phone. If you still get the issue, then check your Firewall for RTP NAT configuration. Send UDP ports 10000-20000 to your Asterisk server.

Good luck