Sip:unknown parameter in INVITE message

Please help me it is very urgent.

I have a freepbx with a siptrunk over ip to vodafone.
On my outbound calls in INVITE message in FROM field i have:
From: “03*********@ims.vodafone.rosip:[email protected].*.2;tag=as25458b05.

The issue is that vodafone is reading this part of the FROM field : sip:[email protected]..2 not the first part "03********" and they overwrite the CALLERID on outbound with headhunting number.

They said the issue is that ‘Unknown’

How do i fix it? i mean i have tried everything like overwrite on outbound routes with emergency callerid…etc…
Whatever i change, the callerid it is changed in: From: "03*********"
not also in sip:[email protected].*.2

It is very urgent please help me