SIP Trunks registered but Offline and Unreachable... how?


I’m using FreePBX and have an issue with my SIP trunks showing as OFFLINE while being registered with my provider and showing to them as online. They also show up in “peers” as unreachable on 5060. I’m finding it increasingly frustrating to pin down the cause of this. Can anyone help?

All my configs are correct as far as I can see
My DNS is via,,
Vigor Router is configured to allow 5060 and PBX is in DMZ on one (of two) LAN interfaces.

Are you using the deprecated or current channel driver? The reference to peers suggests you are using the deprecated one.

Do you have qualify enabled (sending OPTIONS requests to test the availability)?

SIP trace about what is going on?

How do I do a SIP Trace? I would appreciate some guidance.

Standard SIP not of the PJ type. Has been fine for years.

sip set debug {on|off|ip|peer}

I finally got to the bottom of the problem. Draytek Router uses a BT VDSL Modem and connects through WAN2. Though repeated router resets did not fix the issue, a modem reset (power cycle) did. The problem was a bad gateway that was supplied to the modem by BT (Internet Provider). Everything else in the office was fully functional but the VoIP/SIP to/from our provider. Thank you to all those who were kind enough and had the time to respond. But this one is solved.

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