Sip trunking with 2 router(sip trunk) with 1 router(internet) (SOLVED)

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Currently our service provider installed 2 set of ONU modem which is responsible for sip trunk. each modem has wan ip to add it as trunk host (eg . 10.xx.xx.xx) . on the other hand, we have another router which used for Internet purposes which used by extension user , freepbx box and other servers (192.168.1.xx). Now because of the 2 set of sip trunk modem and the internet modem is different network. how can i make the freepbx box and 2 sip trunk router to listen each other.
I have searched and found that i can configure SWITCH by creating 2 vlans and connect them together. is it possible that way? or any other better suggestion i could get?. Thanks

You can connect both your provider’s ONUs directly to your FreePBX server. Is it a hosted on your network or is it hosted on the cloud?
It is not very clear why your provider gave you two different ONUs. What type of interface do they provide on the customer side? Are they supposed to be connected at the same time or are they providing some kind of redundancy?

Hi , yes it is hosted in my network, if connect directly, how will the connection will be (physically)?

my provider gave me 2 ONU because each ONU had multiple line. (MLS). they no need to be connected at same time because its multi-line sip. as the line range is not continuous, they gave me 2 ONU.
hope i clarify well.

I still don’t understand why two ONUs, unless they provide E1, T1 or analog ports, because if they provide a pure SIP trunk, there should be no need for more than one. Can you post the brand and model of the ONUs or at least say which type of interface do they provide?

oh, Two ONU = 1st onu cater example 60377779900 - 60377779999,
2nd ONU cater 60388889900 - 60388889999 . so from this example, both ONU does not have continuous did, have a gap DID ranges between them, hence 2 ONU. I’m not sure why they didnt give me 1 ONU and cater all DID maybe their procedure. for the model, Sure will try to get the link of the ONU. and share to you

It would be enough if you tell which type of interface does it have on the customer side. Have your provider given you the details to configure the sip trunk on your PBX? It would be very strange that they would give you two devices with Ethernet ports to be simultaneously connected to your PBX on the same subnet range.

Hi there, what do you mean by type of interface on the customer side?
I explain what will happen on customer side, so once this setup is done, customer will have our internet access(connect internally which using the internet router) and connect to sofphone(SIP) for callin and callout.

The type of interface on the ONU that is going to be used to connect to your PBX

If you have three network interfaces, and attempting to deconstruct your posts then your default route will be through the gateway on the interface that 192.168.1.xx is on , you will need another route to 10.xx.xx.xx (ONU1) that will carry your traffic to that network over that interface and another to 10.xx.xx.xx (ONU2) which will carry your traffic to that network over that interface , but because you don’t fully describe your various networks (they are a bunch of consecutive hosts between 1 and 4 billion odd long) you will have to differentiate ONU1 from ONU2 as and as others have intimated, that networking is just bizarre, I would question your VSP as to the need for two.

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Please describe the IP setup on the ONUs. If they do not require DHCP, they have different 10.xx.xx.xx addresses and the PBX 10.xx.xx.xx address is statically configured or learned by registration, then you should be able to just put both ONUs on the same switch.

The PBX NIC that connects to the ONUs should not have a gateway assigned so internet traffic will all be directed through the 192.168.1.xx interface.

If communication with the ONUs is strictly point-to-point, you wouldn’t even need a second NIC on the PBX; just assign both 192.168.1.xx and 10.xx.xx.xx addresses to the single NIC and plug everything into the same switch.

able to solve it, connect 2 onu directly to the freepbx eth(s). Why we have 2 ONU, because my organization ordered 2 ONU instead of 1 (which is possible). last time we had 2 PRI lines, so when we ordered to convert it into a sip trunk,they just give us 2 ONU :smile: . thanks for your help guys

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