SIP Trunk with Multiple DDI's

We have a SIP trunk with two inbound DDI numbers.

There is a default inbound route which phones the same extension number.

However on the handset you don’t know which inbound DDI is being phoned.

Is there a way to display the inbound DDI on the handset so you can answer the phone dependent on the inward DDI ?

The phone has three accounts. I could setup two accounts to connected to two different extensions and route the inbound DDI to the correct extension.

Or is their an easier way of achieving the same goal ?


Set up a route for each DID and use the “CID Name Prefix” on each route to identify the DID.

I have added a route for each DID and set the “CID Name Prefix” as per your advice.

Now when the phone rings, the “CID Name Prefix” and the “Caller ID” are both displayed on the same line. And underneath the “Caller ID” is displayed again on the next line.

Is it possible to display only the “CID Name Prefix” without the “Caller ID” on the first line ?

Or how do you turn off the “Caller ID” being displayed on the second line ?

The “Caller ID” does not need to be displayed twice.


This maybe the behaviour from your endpoints. On my endpoints, I see the CANM (if available) on the first line and the CID on the second. if no CNAM is available, I only see the CID on the second line.