SIP Trunk to Metaswitch

We’re working with a local telco here and trying to setup a SIP trunk with them. They are using Metaswitch and I’m having a tough time getting the SIP trunk setup. I’m using PJSIP settings and tried chansip as well, and still unable to get the trunk to work correctly.

I was curious if anyone might have had experience getting a FreePBX (PBXact in my case) SIP trunk to work?

Here’s what I’ve configured so far under the Trunk -> pjsip Settings -> Advanced tab:

  • From Domain: (This was required, as they need to see my WAN rather than LAN IP in the From field)
  • From User: (If I put anything else, the call will fail)
  • Media Address:
  • Match (Permit): SIP Provider IP

The other oddity is that if I put the IP of the SIP provider, the call will immediately be rejected. However, if I put the FQDN, it goes through.

Right now, with the configuration settings I added above, I’m able to make an Outbound call. I have two issues with the outbound calls:

  • Call only lasts 90 secs, then drops
  • Caller ID is never updated.

I’ve tried adding the “Send RPID/PAI” to the trunk, and still unable to update the caller ID.

The other major issue is that I can not receive inbound calls on the trunk. The provider states that I do not need to send registration and only requires authentication. The provider says that in the Contact portion of the SIP packet, it needs to have: <[email protected]:5060>. Mine shows the username, but my LAN IP.

Any chance someone has worked with a provider that uses Metaswitch and has some settings that they used or what I can tell the provider to try so I can get the trunk up and running?


This sounds like NAT issues – so deep down in the SIP settings tabs. If you have a static WAN IP that you can dedicate to voice traffic, then use that as your external address and update your firewall appropriately to handle to/from provider/PBX. If dynamic WAN, then it gets more complicated.

We did end up getting this working, there was something on the carrier side they had to change. I’ll see if I can find what he had to set in Metaswitch and post it when I get more details.

On my side, I simply removed the From User portion, so caller-id would work, and enabled Send RPID/PAI.

Been running a week and no issues.


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