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we have used Vitelity for the last 10 years and until recently have not had any issues. Tonight our incoming calls are garbled and we can not their portal page. Three weeks ago we had an issue with outgoing calls.

So it is time to check for alternatives. This forum seems like the best place to get advice on suggestions for alternatives to Vitelity. For us incoming 800 calls make up 80% of our phone traffic.

So can anyone suggest some other sip trunk service providers?

thanks in advance!
Rob Fantini

Vitelity is back up again, just fyi

thanks, I see that too.

I see they were purchased, and who knows but sometimes a company gets purchased then investors find a way to get cash out by cutting costs. [ if that is the case then they deserve to loose customers ].
Vitelity was very reliable. lets hope they go back to being so.

Last recent thread on the subject

thank you for the info on similar thread.

I’ll close this one

I use several SIP Providers to ensure 100% up time on both incoming and outgoing phone calls. With incoming phone numbers, I use Sipgate Basic which allows you to register a geographical phone number in the UK as well as having call packages for unlimited UK, Europe and International which could be used for both internal and external calls with the phone number linked to that account. Business phone numbers are also available to be purchased with Sipgate team.

For external calls I use a local company that supplies SIP Trunking with any caller ID you want, (You have to provide proof of the phone number to stop spoofing). This is pay as you go and costs range from most UK mobile from 3p per minute and UK landline 1p per minute and an option to pay per channel each month with call rates of most UK mobile from just over ½ penny per minute and UK landline ¼ penny per minute.

If you would like me to pass your details across to the SIP Providers, please email me at [email protected] and I can help you find a SIP provider for your needs.

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