SIP trunk 'rejected'

Thought my phone lines had been EXTREMELY quiet last few days (despite everything going on…) and thought I’d place a test call from my mobile/cell.

“You have dialled an incorrect number”

I knew I hadn’t, so I checked my Sipgate account and sure enough it says “phone not registered” and a list of all the “missed” calls - infuriating!!

Freepbx shows that the SIP registration is ‘rejected’.

I’ve tried doing a fwconsole reload and it took AGES and didn’t resolve the issue.

I haven’t changed a thing on the Sipgate side with regards passwords etc

Anyone know how to debug?! Rest assured I’m also talking to Sipgate…


EDIT Scrap that a few minutes after doing the fwconsole reload it came back online…but I’m horrified and embarrassed to realise it’s been down a few days and I didn’t know! Would love to know what went wrong, when, and if there’s any way in future FreePBX (or Sipgate) could let me know!


Typically, debugging this sort of issue involves looking at the SIP packet trace from FreePBX to the SIP provider, looking at the rejection, and seeing if the SIP provider gives any indication as to why they’re rejecting your registration. Some SIP carriers will add a SIP header that explains the reason – such as registering too often, fraud on your account, lack of payment, wrong credentials, etc. If the SIP carrier doesn’t add a header explaining the reason, you’ll likely have to call them and ask.

For the future, there is a Monitor Trunk Failures section on the GUI. It states:

If checked, supply the name of a custom AGI Script that will be called to report, log, email or otherwise take some action on trunk failures that are not caused by either NOANSWER or CANCEL.

@cynjut recently linked this to help someone else.

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