Sip Trunk registration

I am having a problem getting the sip trunks to register. In the statistics they are shown as not registered but they show green in the flash operator panel.
It makes no different which provider I am using.

I am using Asterisknow 1.5.0-Beta(Freepbx)

What the FOP say’s or shows does not make a difference. The FOP shows in use states NOT is it registered properly.

go into the asterisk CLI and type sip show peers and see what it says. If they are not registered then they are not.

Due to the total lack of details it is impossible to tell you how to fix it or go about fixing it for a given provider (which you have not stated who you are using). For all we know you are having firewall problems with NAT’ing sip.

I am using Asterisknow 1.5.0-Beta(Freepbx)

Trunk name: callcentric
Peer Details:


Register String:
1777xxxxxxx:[email protected]/1777xxxxxxx

I believe that the above configuration is correct.
I have tried different sip trunk providers but it makes no difference.
They are unable to login.
If I put the configuration in to an ata the there on problem.

under sip show registry: 1777xxxxxxx 120 Unregistered