SIP Trunk Registration

Hello everyone,
I’m new to FreePBX and I’m currently trying to register a SIP trunk with my local Internet Provider.
My provider gives an example of how a SIP registration should look like on their website.

Would it be possible to configure FreePBX using this example?

Assuming pjsip:

Username: 4944180000
Secret: (your SIP password supplied by provider)
Authentication: Outbound
Registration: Send
SIP Server:
SIP Server Port: 5060
From Domain:

This should be enough to register and receive calls. For making calls, if your provider accepts the outbound caller ID in the From header, it should work as is. Otherwise, set:
From User: 4944180000
Send RPID/PAI: probably Send P-Asserted-Identity header, but check with provider for proper setting.

If you still have trouble, post an INVITE from a working device or app, the INVITE sent by your PBX and the error response from the provider. Mask account numbers, public IP addresses and any other information that you consider personal. Replace the masked data with xxxxxxxxx so we can see what has been changed.

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Thank you for your answer! I will try these settings this weekend.

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