SIP trunk Registration issue

I have a site with a SIP trunk from Nextiva that occasionally fails to register. It will be working fine for days and then suddenly drops off. It just gives unreachable error in the logs. If I reboot the PBX it will register again sometimes for a few hours or a few days. I even have to reboot the router sometimes to get it to stay registered for more than 30 minutes. Sangoma PBXact 40 Version Sonicwall Router with firewall configured according to Nextiva’s requirements
I have several other sites with Nextiva trunks with no issues using the same trunk parameters. The other sites use a different router.
Any thoughts?

@ScottD Pls check on your Router FW SIP ALG to not ENABLE. if this service its Enable, Disable it.
Check and add white list your Trunk Service IP addresses both side to not block from Router FW and PBX FW.
Check on your SIP Trunk Provider to not Block your Public IP.

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