SIP Trunk Register Issues

So I’m in a bit of a pickle here and need some assistance. I have several Comwave SIP trunks that while showing as registered on my FreePBX, they show as unregistered on Comwave’s system. Calls are coming through although only intermittently. Comwave says it because they are only receiving OPTIONS command from our PBX and not REGISTER. And when I do a packet capture, I see our PBX sending OPTIONS but not re-registering. Is this normal? I have lowered the Expiration time, but still do not see any register commands (unless I reboot the pbx).

You have several trunks, or you have several numbers on the same trunk?

Asterisk doesn’t usually deal well with having several trunks to/from the same IP address, which can cause all sorts of strange carnage. It causes all sorts of strange problems with caller ID and other issues that will become important once the connections become solid.

Tell us more about your configuration and we might see something. Remember, we don’t need IP addresses or passwords, but other than that, details make a huge difference.

I have several Comwave trunks, each with several DID’s. They all connect to the same Comwave server on the same port. I’m using PJSIP trunks. Authentication set to “Outbound” and Registration set to “Send”. Context = “from-trunk”. I also have several voip.MS trunks with the same config and they work great (cant use them as a permanent solution unfortunately). if there is any specifics you would like, let me know.

So it appears that one of my trunks is sending regular REGISTER requests (and is being accepted), but the others are just sending OPTIONS requests. I assume FreePBX is just registering once against the Comwave server as all trunks use the same server? Is it possible to configure the trunks to all send REGISTER requests?