SIP Trunk recommandations

Hello everyone,

I’ve been using FreePBX in my small office for 10 years +.

Right now I’m using SNG7-PBX16-64bit-2204-1

Recently, my SIP trunk provider told me he’ll have to stop providing services to my business because he’s been focusing on enterprise level customers and I’m way too small for them.

As a result, I’m now on the hunt for a new SIP trunk provider.

I need to transfer 3 DIDs.

I would like to have 5 “lines” (incoming and outgoing), ideally with unlimited calls for Canada and US.

I would also be open to a pay-as-you-go service if the fees make sense.

Looking at average usage, we have logged about 16,500 hours in the last 12 months.

I’m located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

I’m not too sure what to look for and I’m confused with the terminology.

For example, I’m not sure about the concept of “lines”.
My current provider sold me 5 lines, which meant I could have 5 concurrent calls at all time, incoming or outgoing.
I’m not sure other providers work like that.

Provider and service recommendation would be greatly welcome!

Are you serious? For a typical business open ~2000 hours per year, it’s mathematically impossible (an average of 8+ calls on 5 lines). Even if you are open 24/7, that level of traffic implies lots of customers getting busy signals and many blocked outgoing calls.

Maybe you mean 16,500 minutes?

We offer SIP trunking service in US and Canada. We sell the service in USD or CAD and have a cluster of SBCs right in Montreal with local support and engineering staff out of our Montreal office.

We offering trunking in a call path model where you pay by the call path and get full calling to US and CA without a per minute rate or a per minute minute rate. We also have a module for FreePBX that makes setup really easy and some advanced features like SMS/MMS into FreePBX on your numbers.

We are happy to assist you here. You can buy service at or contact out sales team with our chat button at or send me a PM here with your contact info and I will have someone reach out to you.

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