Sip trunk -proxyip parameter

While initiating sip_route -set command is there any possiblity to give more than one IP in -proxyip parameter.
Actually my problem,there is a SIP trunk between A to B and B to C exchanges


Let us think that IP of A is, B is and C is

The Dest of A-node 6101 and C-node 6105. And the routes between A to B be 52 and B to C 56.

According to my scenario I need to use the same route number for both the SIP trunks(A to B and B to C).
There is no problem while I getting Incoming calls to B-node. But the problem is with Outgoing calls only. The outgoing calls can be made only to any one of the node i.e., either to A-node or B-node because we will be setting the IP in sip_route -set command in -proxyip parameter. Only one IP can be set in this command.

So is there any possiblity to set more than one IP.
Can you please help me in this issue.

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You need to provide more information. Asterisk and FreePBX versions.

Who would you need more than one proxy on the same LAN. What type of proxy are you using? Asterisk is a B2B UA in SIP speak.

Actual the number of routes possible are 250 in SIP trunk. But I need more than that. The type proxy is MX-ONE Telephony server.

What system are you talking about? Asterisk has a proxy connection option, what is set_route?

What type of system are you running (version and environment)?

If you only have one downstream switch why do you need to respecify the proxy?

Our system is MX-one telephony server. And sip_route is the command we use for initiations of sip trunk.
sip_route -set -route 100 -uristring “sip:?@” -proxyip -proxyport 5060

So in proxyip parameter we can give only one IP. So the outgoing call is possible to only PBX.

I still don’t understand what you are trying to accomplish. You can qualify the peers on the uristring so why would you need more than one Proxy IP.

If you want this level of help integrating a third party device to Asterisk you need to supply detailed information.