SIP Trunk Provider for Canada/Toronto?

Who does anybody use or recommend for SIP trunks in Toronto, fully compatible with an on prem FreePBX?

We have a huge selection of Canada DIDs in our store and a easy to use module for setting up your trunks in FreePBX that also provides full SMS and MMS into FreePBX.

1 Like is a Canadian based carrier.

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We are also Canadian based with our acquisition last year. Our Corp Canada offices are in Montreal with full staff that speak both French and English in that office from support, developers, NOC and accounting and we know a thing or two about FreePBX.

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For better advice, please tell us your approximate monthly minutes usage in and out, how cost sensitive you are, and what features are important to you.

Reliable termination to major Canadian cities can be had for US$0.002/min. or less, but those providers are typically “dumb pipes” – if your PBX is down or inaccessible, callers will hear an error announcement. Support is generally mediocre and ticket based only. You will likely have to get 911 service elsewhere. May have SMS support but probably no MMS.

At the top end, you can spend $0.02/min. or more, with sophisticated failover features and support calls promptly answered by a US or Canada based native English speaker who has the knowledge and authority to quickly fix your problem. has an extensive feature set – depending on your requirements, you may not need a PBX! Callcentric and Anveo are similar in this regard.

ClearlyIP has an interesting pricing model; you can buy channels but overage is quite inexpensive.

I no longer do business in Canada but still have a Toronto DID with, a value brand of

My calls to Canada go via AnveoDirect, with Voxbeam and Flowroute as backups.

A ‘value’ provider that you might consider is SignalWire. They support SMS, MMS, E911. However, they don’t yet have a robust built-in failover mechanism. Out-of-the-box, if your PBX goes down, you have to log into their site to e.g. reroute calls to your mobile. They support scripting for complex routing decisions, but if you don’t have a highly redundant web server to host it on, that is itself a point of failure.

Also, why do you prefer an on-site PBX to cloud based?

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Hey there Hugh,

If you’re looking for flexibility, VoIP Innovations would be a great choice for you. We offer both inbound and outbound carrier services to the US/Canada (Toronto included) at wholesale prices and provide support for pretty much any additional services you’re probably looking for (E911, T.38, SMS/MMS, Call Conferencing, etc). Setting up to send traffic to/ VoIP Innovations from a Free PBX only takes a few minutes as well.

If you private message me or respond here with more details about your business I can also give you more relevant information based on your use case. Just let me know.


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@cameron_vi You’ve left out some key details on about this. The $100/month account minimum and no flat rates (all rate decks). VoIP Innovations is not really the right fit for for a small company that does low amounts, needs 1 or a rather small amount of DIDs and never would need a $100 balance.

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@BlazeStudios Sorry, it wasn’t my intention to leave out any key details, I just didn’t want to overload my post with information before I knew their use case. VI does typically have a minimum, but we’re all in a pretty unprecedented situation for the foreseeable future; we’re flexible and can work with OP or anyone else that needs a telecom solution right now. As far as rates go, I do want to mention that you’ll typically pay less with a rate deck than you will with flat rate termination.


Are you small or enterprise type of envrionment? Rogers SIP works pretty good. Pay the premium for the connectivity, but sometimes, if enterprise, require enterprise solutions. Customer of mine uses it, thousands of calls, no issues, hundreds of thousands really.

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More specifically, we need 75 DIDs (we want to port them from Bell to a new on prem FreePBX)
We want about 30 concurrent calls support.

We’re a not for profit, in Toronto, and prefer a Canadian vendor, and are resisting the advantages of cloud based, in favour of more local control.

Thanks Tony.
While we prefer to set up on prem rather than use a cloud service, we are well aware that we are far from FreePBX experts, and it sounds like your FreePBX module would simplify set up, which would be helpful.

Would you like to send a quote to hgamble at

I can say we want 75 DIDs with porting from Bell Canada
We will want 30 concurrent call capability.
Any other quote relevant details I am missing?

Thanks Tony (and everybody) for your helpful replies here.

Oh we were initially looking for a 3 year term contract, but it would be nice to compare that against pay as you go pricing.

In this day and age, be very wary of contracts, the technology is easy and incredibly affordable just choose a good multihomed host for your DID’s you can move them easily if the promises don’t pan out and month to month costs a few cents per DID. Always have a good choice of outbound carriers, you are not limited to one, Almost always pay per call will be to your advantage for anything but the tiniest of deployments.

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I’ve done a port of Bell Canada numbers to CallCentric. Haven’t had any issues with it. They’ve had the odd occasional outage, but over all its been just fine. They started pointing their phones to CallCentric directly inlieu of their asterisk PBX all together. No problems.

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2Talk is a solid provider, been using them every day since 2004. Even then they had the cheapest pricing. We run two hotels with about 200 rooms total and several villas, and we’ve only had one issue with an outage due to Verizon about 5 years ago. Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for better service. Good luck beating their prices OR their level of service.

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@gtisales Please don’t @ me for you sales spam. I did not open this thread, I did not request any information about any provider from any region. I am in no way the person you should be targeting with this. Perhaps the one asking for this information might be the better choice.


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