Sip trunk issues with nuera voip gateway

Hi dears
I’m using pjsip to connect to my provider SIP trunk .My provider use NUERA voip gateway and i have the following errors :
[2021-04-07 05:41:07] ERROR[3022] pjproject: tlsc0x7f7cb8016508 RFC 5922 (section 7.2) does not allow TLS wildcard certificates. Advise your SIP provider, please!
[2021-04-07 05:41:59] WARNING[3022] pjproject: SSL 6 [SSL_ERROR_ZERO_RETURN] (Read) ret: 0 len: 65535
In peers section it shows that my pbx is peered to the provider’s SIP trunk .But i keep see the above errors .
Kindly advice what i can do to fix this .

That is something you can’t resolve until NUERA follows RFC 5922 and stops offering a non-compliant certificate. Use TCP or UDP signalling if you can. Your certificate of course also needs to be equally not a wild card.

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