SIP trunk incomming calls to extesnion

Hi I am new user. Can anyone please help me as to how to forward an incoming call from a SIP runk to a particular exntension. The SIP trunk is using a VOIPSWITCH, I can make outgoing calls but incomming calls are not coming. Please help

Thank you very much it worked, I am planning to resell hosted PABX do you think Freebax is the best solution… Thanks a ton once again

Hi thank you for your reply,

I did change the cli as you sugested, still the calls down seem to come to the babz, i can make outgoing calls using the same trunk. The sender errer comes as “forbidden”

My peer settings in the runk are as below



You need to add insecure=invite to force asterisk to accept unauthenticated calls from your peer. Most VoIP providers do not bother to authenticate with customers.

Go to the CLI of asterisk and issue >core set verbose 10, and make a call. Do you see the call coming in? If so, the your carrier is delivering the call and you will need to check your peer and user setting for the trunk. Please show some details minus the passwords so we can offer some help.

This is set up in incoming routes.


I have setup a Incoming route to ring to a particular extension but when i dial from voipswitch i get forbidden as error in voipswitch