SIP Trunk in India?

Does anyone know any SIP trunk in India to use with hosted PBX? I found Tata telecom, but they need me to all hardware physically available in my office and also a physical connection to directly in that hardware. Instead, I would like to use Digitalocean or AWS EC2 (Indian server).

Do you guys have any idea?

Note: For legal issues, I will not be able to use other non-indian Trunk. So, do not suggest that.

Yea, India is that real exception to VOIP rules the rest of the world observes. If you find someone I’d be interested, I’ve had to deploy TATA (PRI) and AIRTEL (SIP) over fiber

Hi @dickson, can you share me plans you’re using at this moment? I’ve to opt in if cannot find an option.

I don’t have much specifics on it in front of me, but i can get some maybe from the client there.
Tata delivers a PRI circuit, in a true PRI sense and is connected to Sangoma Vega 200’s
Airtel dropped in a fiber line, Ethernet straight into our firewall and feeds the asterisk box there. Works fine, no issues. The service is relatively inexpensive, i think its around $300/ month for each service, multiple carriers for redundancy. Traffic comes in as a DID=XXXXXXXX and i route it from there to extensions in the building. I have an additional MPLS service that I SIP calls across to North America (New Jersey) and onto the internet from there.

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