SIP Trunk Help

Hi guys, I’m new to FreePBX. I’m having some issues calling out. I’ve created a SIP trunk to Vonage, and I can see the call hit the provider, but the call just drops to busy straight away. The only output I’m getting on the provider side is “failed” :slight_smile: Any help would be appreciated.

log file below

sorry new users cant paste links in so i had to edit it :slight_smile:

All we know from the log is a busy response from the provider, likely a 486 or 600. For more details, at the Asterisk command prompt (not a shell prompt), type:
pjsip set logger on
make a failing test call and paste a new log.

However, I did notice that the calling and called numbers are in different formats, 0203… but 44134…
I don’t know what Vonage requires but if incoming is working, try to match the format they send you.

If that’s not your issue, with luck pjsip logger will show the problem.

ill do that, just some updated info i have managed to make a successful outbound call but it was to a US number, i can’t seem to make any UK based numbers

How are the calling and called numbers shown on incoming calls?

ive not setup incoming calls yet. as i can call US numbers ive ask the provider to have a quick look on my account to see if there are any resrtictions, or number pattern problems.

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