SIP Trunk from FreePBX to Satellite terminal

Hi Guys,
Probably sounds weird i know, but my company is providing DATA connection (Vessels mostly) via satellite connectivity.

At the moment, i’m facing some issues with incoming calls from the terminal it self.

Status now:
I have set a trunk from FreePBX to register to that Terminal (for the terminal - this is just another extension).
I have another softphone - register as well to that Terminal.

Both Freepbx & Softphone are able to do outgoing calls but when incoming calls come - only the softphone gets the invite packets - Freepbx gets nothing.

I tried to compare the packets between softphone and freepbx.
Both of them follow the normal path of: Register --> 401 Unauthorized --> Register --> 200OK
BUT - the Freepbx also try to send Options which result with 407 proxy auth’ required.

Now, i’m not sure what are the difference between normal softphone and freepbx from the terminal point of view… is there something “special” i need to do in the FreePBX to act the same as normal softphone?

Not sure if it means something, but PBX registration using 5060 as source and destination
while the softphone using 5060/random.

Trunk Configurations atm:
fromuser= #not sure if this do antyhing
type=peer (also tried friend)
secret= #terminal use ext number as username/password.
qualify=yes (and working)
localhost= private address of PBX
externip=the ip address of the PBX FW

Also registration string:
ext:[email protected]/

I am register and outgoing calls do work. no invites on incoming calls (softphone do get invites)

Thank you and sorry if this was hard to understand, i’m not good in VoIP nor English xD
Night folks.

maybe disable qualify ? any difference ???

id duplicate the setup with PJsip only as well

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