Hi guys, i have strange problem with this existing setup please anyone can help, i got this problem that the SIP endpoint cant dial in to my freeppBX and as per checking i get this logs

Endpoint: SFDC Unavailable 0 of inf
Aor: SFDC 0
Contact: SFDC/ f6375ee0a3 Unavail nan
Transport: udp 3 96
Identify: SFDC/SFDC

anyone have idea, this was working yesterday just suddenly today i get this problem that calls are not pushing through

Just to confirm, are you saying you are not able to receive incoming calls from your SIP trunk? If so, how are outbound calls over the trunk, and do calls between internal extensions work correctly? After it stopped working, did it ever start working again?


this was corrected when i check the public IP address, but it weird why my previously public IP address is disconnecting suddenly

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