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I have problem to register SIP TRUNK via FreePBX at provider side. I have all data form provider but it seems that my config for TRUNK (SIP setting for incoming and outgoing) is wrong. I can’t register phone number via FreePBX

I tested that account data on IP phone (yealink) everyting is working properly.
It’s my config on IP phone:

Could somebody point me what should be the config (or where is a problem) on FreePBX?

My config for FreePBX is for outgoing peer detail:
[email protected]

and for incoming register string is:
+11223375581:[email protected]

Version FreePBX is

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Try changing type tp “type=friend” and see if that helps.

You’ll need to post logs to get any deeper than that.

You may also want to try turning on NAT


Thanks for answer, but changing type=friend didn’t help :frowning:
NAT is not a problem because for testing purposes we are on public IP address.

Very strange thing is that from CLI I got info:
[2018-08-16 17:14:25] WARNING[2245]: chan_sip.c:24468 handle_response_register: Forbidden - wrong password on authentication for REGISTER for ‘+11223375581’ to ‘

But I’m sure that password is OK because it work on IP phone.

On IP phone I have enabe Outbound Proxy Server and I don’t know how to do that on FreePBX.
Maybe it’s a problem.

Any sugestion?

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