SIP Trunk between Avaya and FreePBX 14

Hi There,

I’ve scoured and read and configured according to this (and seen a few variants of similar config) but I can’t seem to get calls between my Avaya system and freepbx to work.

On Freepbx side I can’t see anything in logs of connection attempts and when dialling on Avaya side I just get “Unobtainable” both on the handset and in the Trace.

One issue I have with all the instructions I’ve found is that the options in FreePBX 14 do not look like the options in the examples, and another is none of them explain why specific config is being used e.g. It’s not clear what part of config is for outbound from avaya to inbound freepbx and the other way around.

Another issue is that whilst I configure the Avaya, and the SIP Line shows, it stays as ‘Not registered’ ping from Avaya to freepbx works fine.

Are there any better up to date guides on how to do this?

Which SIP driver are you using? CHAN_SIP or PJSIP? The examples that you linked are for CHAN_SIP.

I’d prefer to use pjsip since its the newer version and the default (I’m assuming there is a good reason for this), and yes I realize the examples use chan_sip, but even if I switch to using chan_sip (which I did try) the options are not the same in freepbx 14.

FWIW after fiddling some more today I got the avaya to register the trunk and I am able to make a call from the asterisk side to an avaya extension ok but the other way around the call hangs up immediately when answered.

Hence my quest for ‘better more up to date’ guide. I’m not fond of blindly copying configs I’d like to understand what I’m doing, some brief explanation of the why in set ups is always helpful and informative.

We can try to help if you post a log of the failing call, so we can see if the call is even reaching FreePBX.

The extension rings but the moment I answer it hangs up. I’ll post some logs tomorrow from both sides of the call.

Thanks for the support. :slight_smile:

Quick guess, codec mismatch… But since the other way works, a log of the failing call will tell you the cause.

Did this years ago, connecting FreePBX for call center attached to Avaya. l did this using PRI hardware and t-1 cross over cable. Became seamless.

Nail -> Head… I removed G729 and G723 Codecs on SIP Trunk on the Avaya everything singing along nicely now.

Thanks again.

Glad it helped!!!

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