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Hi All,

I am trying to set up SIP TLS and SRTP for remote users. I have applied all module and system updates (ie YUM UPDATE) and the handsets I am testing with are Yealink T46S and T48S.

I am also using EndPoint Manager to provision the handset. This is is all working fine. I did report a bug I found with EndPoint Manager not setting the transport type in the config file but I worked around that easily by using the Basefile Editor.

I am now finding myself, though, in a position where I can only get one handset working at a time. And if I reboot that handset it cannot reconnect. If left for long enough it will reconnect.

I don’t believe this is an Endpoint Manager issue. If I factory reset the handsets they both cme back up without issue but one of them will not connect.



(Itzik) #2

Are you using a valid certificate?


Sorry thought I’d said that, yes I am it’s a Let’s Encrypt certificate.

(Itzik) #4

Assuming the LE cert is selected as the default and you restarted the PBX after installing… Then we’ll need some logs.