Hi All,

I am trying to set up SIP TLS and SRTP for remote users. I have applied all module and system updates (ie YUM UPDATE) and the handsets I am testing with are Yealink T46S and T48S.

I am also using EndPoint Manager to provision the handset. This is is all working fine. I did report a bug I found with EndPoint Manager not setting the transport type in the config file but I worked around that easily by using the Basefile Editor.

I am now finding myself, though, in a position where I can only get one handset working at a time. And if I reboot that handset it cannot reconnect. If left for long enough it will reconnect.

I don’t believe this is an Endpoint Manager issue. If I factory reset the handsets they both cme back up without issue but one of them will not connect.



Are you using a valid certificate?

Sorry thought I’d said that, yes I am it’s a Let’s Encrypt certificate.

Assuming the LE cert is selected as the default and you restarted the PBX after installing… Then we’ll need some logs.

Is transport type on the phone set to TLS? Is the right tls port being used? There is also an encryption setting but it sounds more like a port issue to me. Sounds like epm might be overriding something.

If left for long enough it will reconnect…sounds like a nat timeout/nat issue/sip alg.

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