SIP Suggestions?

Hello All,

I’m currently in the planning stages of building out a system with 100-150 users, with a maximum of about 20 outside calls at any given time. I retrieved a few suggestions from friends already, but I’m reaching out to the community for more, since there are so many options out here…

So what are your best recommendations for trunks for this kind of setup? If I go SIP station, that’s at least $500 per month, and I feel like there may be a better solution for this setup.

You are getting close to where a PRI might be cheaper, but keep in mind that PRI’s are almost never unlimited usage - if your usage is going to be high (lots of Minutes) then SIPStation might be MUCH cheaper in the long run.

Also, a decent PRI card is at least a one time charge of $500.00 - that is a direct add-on to the cost of a PRI.

Thanks Greg. I will keep that in mind as we move forward.

Still hoping for some good SIP provider suggestions though…?

We haven’t been so high useage, but and have both functioned well for our smaller offices. Ipcomms has less POP, but $10+outgoing minutes for trunks (so you might want 25 trunks for $250 month), and helpful support (they will log in and help you configure your server to make sure it is right), and is all per minute, but some different options there, and they support up to 25 trunks. If nothing else, two more data points. has unlimited INBOUND trunks for $5.00/per trunk per month and an outstanding termination deck. Also, has 1/1 billing for termination and is an affordable option as well.

Thanks, it looks like we’re going to go with anveodirect. Thanks everyone.