SIP Station - FAX hardware

Where can you purchase the Fax station hardware?
What makes this box special from any other ATA?

If your talking about these.

I think they can only be purchased through SIPStation.

They are not traditional ATAs they are designed specifically for FAXStation.

They do work really well, and the small ones are PoE. That was a nice surprise.

I have two of them, once we got it up a running we have grad no issues. Plug them into the network, plug any fax machine in to it and configure it.

These are not ATAs. They are a small 4 port device to plug your fax machines into we build that does our Faxing over HTTPS. No T38 or SIP involved. Allows doe near perfect faxing over any internet connection including satellite and cellular.

It requires being connected with our monthly fax service which starts out at 8 bucks a month and also includes a efax panel included with the service.

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So it’s $199.00 for the box and 9.95 a month for 150 pages or less.
I’m going to get one and give it a try.


Also if you become a Sangoma certified partner you get decent discounts on this along with all other sangoma products.

I know this is an old thread, but just in case anyone is curious, I can attest to the simplicity and quality of this device + service. Works flawlessly, highly recommend.


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