SIP Signaling TOS / DSCP File Location in FreePBX / Asterisk

Good morning, I was curious after doing some packet captures where in FreePBX / Asterisk to change the TOS/DSCP settings. For instance I have the correct RTP settings of CoS Mark 5 / TOS Bit 184 which translate to DSCP 46 (0xB8)

I thought the signaling should be DSCP 26 (AF31) which should be 0x68 (TOS Bit 104 CoS Mark 3) but I can see it is being set as 0x60 not 0x68 so 96 not 104.

I have looked in the sip.conf and sip_custom.conf and rtp.conf but they are all generated by FreePBX. Can someone shed some insight into where these are located? Thanks!!