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I have a SIP external number and 4 internal extensions each with it’s own user name and password
I registered my external number to my PBX and I would like to route all my calls from my PBX to my SIP internal extension .
Any suggestion would be much appreciated .

Not sure I understand the request. You have a SIP external number… or DID, routed into your PBX and you want to route that DID to your extension. Is that correct? If so, check connectivity/inbound routes/add inbound route. Ill in the DID and list your extension where it says Set Destination.

If I misunderstood the question take another crack at it.

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So this is what I have : one Sip external number (020 34750355 (1000)) from Soho66 and 4 internal extensions ( 1001 1002 1003 1004)

my external number is connected to my PBX … and what i want is to route all calls coming in to this number to my soho66 extensions directly .
for ex: I have extension 1004 registered to my mobile phone and when i diall 1002 my computer soft phone rings … and i tried under Misc Destinations to dial out 1002 from my pbx and it’s not working … either i get a busy tone or “call cannot be completed as dialed” …on the same trunk . wich is what i want .

I just called and it appears that you got it working. Please post the solution, for the benefit of others who find this thread.

okee … it’s not working how I need it to work … right now I am using a second trunk and number to route my calls out to my extensions … and that is messing with the CID … what I need ist to have call coming in on (the same trunk) route out on the same trunk to my SIP extensions ( same trunk) just like i would dial 1004 for ex from my soft phone .

I have a couple of thoughts. To do the routing simply us an incoming route with the inbound DID going to a ring group. List each of the extensions in the ring group. When someone calls that DID all the extensions in the ring group will ring.

The second part of the question is how to transfer that call once you’ve answered it. Your truck must support more than one call at a time OR you must have a trunk for each call in place. I’m not familiar with your host so I can’t say if they allow multiple calls on a single trunk or not, but you’ll need to know.

Since you can call into 1002 it sounds like your password is correct and it’s connecting. You can dial out from 1004 correctly so it doesn’t sound like a call pattern issue. What type of hardware is used on ext 1002? And is it local on the same network as the PBX or is it remote? If remote It sounds like a firewall problem to me. If local… it has to be a registration issue but it might be above my knowledge level.

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