SIP response 302 "No credit announcement"


My FreePBX configuration includes a trunk with a SIP provider for outbound calls.

My “outbound routing context” typically calls several “Macro(dialout-trunk,XX”.
My provider’s SIP trunk (labeled “1”) is in first position, then I have ISDN trunks (2) and analog lines(3). So it’s something like:

Macro(dialout-trunk, 1, …)
Macro(dialout-trunk, 2, …)
Macro(dialout-trunk, 3, …)

All went well until I went out of credit on trunk 1.

The routing sequence did not go to trunks 2 and 3 because it detected trunk 1 as “answered”.

Looking at the asterisk log I’ve deduced that it’s the default freepbx behavior.

– Got SIP response 302 “No credit announcement” back from
chan_sip.c: Found 302 Redirect to extension ‘provider.nocredit’
– Now forwarding SIP/4057-b5e43d50 to ‘Local/[email protected]’ (thanks to SIP/provider-084fed20)
– Executing Set(“Local/[email protected],2”, “GROUP()=OUT_1”) in new stack
– Executing Goto(“Local/[email protected],2”, “from-trunk|provider.nocredit|1”) in new stack
– Goto (from-trunk,provider.nocredit,1)

Now, since “from-trunk,provider.nocredit” does not exist, the call is “answered” in the “DID catch-all context” and a SayAlpha(provider.nocredit) command is run. Finally, the call is hung up.

So what do you suggest I do if all I want is to “ignore” the SIP “no credit” response and move on to the next “dialout-trunk” sequence?

Should I simply add this to my extensions_custom.conf?

exten => provider.nocredit,1,NoOp(Found provider.nocredit - notify admin)

How is the “.” treated here in Asterisk?

Help appreciated,


Just to say that this solution:

exten => provider.nocredit,1,NoOp(Found provider.nocredit - notify admin)

doesn’t work (doesn’t match “provider.nocredit”).

did you found a solution, because I have the same problem…